Getting Started with Docker

The main features of this article on Docker are :

  • Understand the basic components and concepts of Docker.
  • Learning about containers.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source platform that provides the facility to create, deploy, and run your application using containers.

The next thing to understand is what is a Container and how Docker and containers are related to each other.


The container is nothing but a unit that packages up code and all its dependencies in which applications run quickly and remain abstracted from the environment in which they run. A single container can be used to run a small microservice to a complete large application containing all the configuration files, dependencies, and libraries.

Docker provides the ability to package and run applications in Container


Docker Images

Docker Images are immutable and can never change. They can be considered as a packaged file containing source code, libraries, and dependencies which all are required for an application to run inside a Container.  Docker images are being pushed and pulled from a repository like Docker Hub.

Docker Images and Containers work together in the process of running a Docker Container. Docker Container is the run time instance of the images.

From creating the Docker Images from a Container, it is done via a set of instructions in a script file called Dockerfile.

We will study how to set up the Docker and run your application by deploying Docker Images in the next article.

Happy Learning !!